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How to convince your girlfriend to have a threeway with another guy

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How To Convince Your Girlfriend To Have A Threeway With Another Guy

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Your wife or girlfriend tells you that she has a fantasy of Family nudist coloney with 2 guys. How do you handle it? But for most of us, this would raise some questions about what the heck to do about that announcement.

Name: Felicia
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Twitter Facebook Reddit. Of course the ultimate solution would be to learn how to be dominant and go bag yourself a submissive.

Quite simply, everybody is different. Share this article and help others!

Your reasoning should always be about her and how much you want to see her pleased, all the while getting yourself a double helping of pleasure. Rest assured, the threesome is not just a legend, and it is totally do-able.

These could be anything: no kissing on the mouth, only when you both agree, no anal. We all interpret the meaning of a word differently, so tone is very important.

If it was easy, a stranger would probably be more suited. You must respect the boundaries set, a toe out of line can result in you losing your whole relationship. Category: Sex. Married guys having gay sex Some couples agree on certain boundaries before taking the plunge into a threesome, so to speak.

Some couples agree on certain boundaries before taking the plunge into a threesome, so to speak. Ideally you and your partner would both be truly open-minded. If she disagrees, DO NOT challenge it, you will only be validating all of her insecurities if you push too hard.

Think about how you Mom and daughter show tits your partner got together for a minute, was it easy or hard? How you word the conversation is very important.