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How to talk to vald skyrim

Walkthrough : written by Beezernot checked. Reward : written by Nephelenot checked. This article is about the quest.

How To Talk To Vald Skyrim

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Agree with backing Family nudist yoga up and follow her into the Cistern. Tell him everything you know about the situation. Go talk to Vex and she tells you that you can pay off his debt in order for him not to attack you. Save and pick the lock.

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I think it's important that he is not in an alerted state when you approach the gate.

Please Log In to post. May not be able to complete that quest, so it's a possible bug. Then go about your business.

The second time I just walked to the gate, he approached me to tell me to go away, during Dad takes daughter on first date encounter I got the option to tell him that I cleared his debt. You could just do what I did, talk to him to find out about the debt, kill him in the center of town after he chases you, then go after the side misc.

Was working for me after two tries. He attacked me on sight first time and I took him out with a fire shout.

Bring back the main forum list. Make sure this is what you intended. Or you can do what i did if you want to NOT kill him, just walk around the temple of mara to the back alley way and to the gate behind mercers house, vald will walk up and you give him the book and he gives you the key, at least thats how it went down for me. Any time I get in sight of him he attacks me even if Turning serana human on the other side of the Blonde with tight ass.

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In my first try I shoot the ramp first so he became alerted and immediately attacked me when I approached the gate. Asstr forced nudity you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

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I cleared Vald's debt Lurker skyrim weakness Maven Black-Briar but there is literally no way to approach him to capitalize on that optional quest. Might as well just kill him, it doesn't incur any penalties. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an once approved.