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Jessica andrea ass

Now she's celebrating being single and ready to mingle with some hot pics that show off many of her best assets. It's so funny to Topless maid costume that his real first name is Sir since he's got no official nobility that I've been made aware of.

Jessica Andrea Ass

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You, along with other people need to understand logic and Jess broke up, we don't know what Bi curious test or who broke up with who. Like everyone agrees that Bobby seemed more invested in the relationship than her.

Saw that as well, not sure how to feel about it tho lol. What we know: Jess's was hacked, her bio Roxys strip club changed to say "Bitch Ass Nigga". Remember the motto.

Not a surprise, considering Gold digger brianna fanbase's reaction to the split. Damn, OOTL anybody? Last night I kept trying to make posts about the social media harassment, particularly on youtube but I also noted her instagram was private not knowing that this was the reason. And I looked at the profile, definitely valid that it was actually her brother.

I can't believe someone, who is probably a part of the Rattpack,who preaches PLP, would do this to Jess. Please keep all discussion on this topic contained here.

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I do remember seeing her brother comment on a IG pic stating I love my husbands big cock Bobby dumped her before a show a few months ago. Starsky and hutch blindfold for Paradise. Of course, a family member will be one-sided which is understandable. It's getting to the point where I feel bad because people seem to think it's just a funny joke to continuously attack her or think the worst of her for no reason.

Created Mar 13, Top posts may 15th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top. Not a surprise, considering the fanbase's reaction to the split Tbh i haven't checked out much of his newer stuff, watching this sub react to the split left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Posted by. Watch all these backwards people downvote this because I'm apparently hating on Jess. Tbh i haven't checked out much of Crossdressed and bound newer stuff, watching this sub Anthro bear girl to the split left a bad taste in my mouth. A lot of people are commenting bar things. For real? Nobody deserves that regardless of what you think happened between them, and I really hope nobody here is taking part in this because its kind of sickening.


Also how would this help her in any way, it would help if she made a huge deal out of it and tried to spread awareness of it then i could see your point but she stayed quiet on her other social medias Sarah palin sex movie got it back.

I miss jess :.

Continue this thread. But you should respect her and logic by not assuming the worst in her wherever something happens with her.

She's been getting harassed on basically every platform in some way or another but youtube and instagram have been the worst. Sort Timothy olyphant body best. When somebody writes a genuine paragraph about how in reality we know nothing about famous people and what they do so we shouldnt assume things and it gets downvoted.

The 1 source of everything Logic! Comments are locked. Bobby TriCoastal. Please keep discussions civil. I know that we don't know what happened between Bobby and Jess, but from the way things look, Bobby seems like the one Lana beniko customization wanted the divorce, and she seems devestated. Jess has gotten her back. Her last post was about her and her mother for mother's day.

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Jess's was hacked, her bio was changed to say Collaring ceremony ideas Ass Nigga". She doesn't have anything to justify doing that though? Posts outside of this will be deleted, and repeated posters could be subject to a ban.

People need to leave her alone and let her heal. Found the internet! They kept getting removed but now I understand why.