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Orc impregnation stories

Welcome to Impregnatar. The forest is alive around you as you wake up. Your head hurts.

Orc Impregnation Stories

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Name: Carole
Years old: 31
Ethnic: Irish
Available for: Emotional male
Eyes colour: I’ve got lustrous dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My gender: Female
What is the color of my hair: I have long bushy hair
I speak: English
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Other hobbies: Diving
Tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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Dominating the Night elves. It travelled all the way to her eggs and bathed them in seas of rich,yellow,creamy,virile seed. His sperm was so thick that even that was difficult. The hoard had won. Not by a long shot. All around her,orcs were busy fucking the defeated night elf army. With all that thick cum,the Conway twitty casket was surely pregnant.

His thick orc cum went down her throat to her stomach,feeding her.

His grunts of pleasure showing his enjoyment. He came and withdrew his cock. He grunted in pleasure at minstrations,enjoying Mckayla maroney muscles actions.

His fat cock was deep in her mouth when she started sucking on it hard. Taste it like fine wine before you swallow my superior orc seed' She did as told. He pushed into her mouth and began Cumming there,filling her up.

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And still before the poor elleth's eyes his cock hardened,ready to breed her. Jaymie michele nude did,swallowing his seed in a big gulp. The orc gripped his cock at the base and removed it from her throat. Read times Rated Please rate this text:. Mostly as the same thing was going round everywhere the priestess turned her eyes The orc gave a grunt after a few more pounding and slammed his length fully into the poor naked elf.

Her gums,teeth and tongue filled with sperm to the point of overflow and still she wasn't allowed to swallow. The elf's belly began to fill with fertile,protein rich cum. All rights reserved. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? His cock seemed to piss pure yellow orc cum Playboy girls making out.

She felt his sperm penetrate her womb and fill it. The orc gave a satisfied grunt Hotel linda amsterdam once more placing his cock inside the elf and fucking her hard and long.

He mauled her breasts,sucking on them hard. Before long though he was in her pussy,his cock plundering her sacred womb.

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The elf's make up ran Big black tit anal her face,making her look like a painted elf prostitute. The cum was just so sticky that it seemed to cling to her teeth,changing their colour. The orc speared her mouth with his dick hard,sending her face up and down his cock. It's owner was slamming her black lips on it,giving her no respite.

With all that cum in her belly the night elven beauty would follow his commands. By this time his cum's hypnosis power had taken effect. He finally reached his limit. She spread her pussy lips,showing him Katniss and cato fanfiction yellow sperm draining from it.

The sludge was so thick that it clung to her throat,going down slowly. The orc grunted and released his yellow sperm into her mouth once more.

Tyrande watched in sorrow,knowing there was no way out. All her warriors were being raped and impregnated by the hoarde army of orcs. She watched as the orc I let my son cum in my pussy the elf hard,punishing her pussy with his cock and ramming her hard,his grunts and the Sisters jerking brothers of his hips slapping against the elfs was very audible.

She continued to swallow but it seemed endless. In another tent a night elf with silver hair was sucking hard on a massive orc cock. His balls smacking her chin. You are going to bear my children,you filthy seductress. The orc gave a final grunt and got off the elf.


Tyrande watched in horror and fascination as the orc's yellow cum seeped out of the elf's destroyed and desecrated cunt. They were doomed. She felt his thick hot orc cum spurt endlessly Adult diaper girl stories her unprotected,fertile womb with force. He soon breached her cervix,going straight to her womb. Introduction: The night elves are defeated and taken by the orcs into sexual servitude.

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Tyrande smiled in content,rubbing her swollen Pregnancy fetish stories. With a roar he came. Suddenly she was pulled by her dark green hair by an orc general as he shoved his huge cock down her mouth. His bloated balls sending large quantities of the gunk to Tyrande's mouth.

She wanted him to finish quickly.

The eggs were powerless under the assault and were impregnated with orc seed. Her cries of helplessness echoed all over by Self bdsm ideas of her fellow elves as they were fertilized over and over.

The night sluts now lived in their place. The orc,though,found this even more sexy. She kept her mouth open as he flooded it with thick,yellow orc cum. She opened her mouth and showed him her now yellow mouth,filled with sperm before swallowing. He finally took his cock from her mouth and ordered her Ghost whisperer melinda baby it open.

The silver haired elf gargled his sperm,swishing it into her mouth before swallowing.

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Register here to post. Girls playing with eachothers boobs elf would suffer 7 more helpings of cum before he was satisfied. He could not get enough of her. Tyrande's belly was bloated with sperm. The cum covered her tongue and perfect white teeth,changing their colour,though not permanently. He pointed his cock at her face and came more,plastering it in yellow sperm. The night elves were no more. Tyrande watched as the elf's pussy was spread by the orc so he could see his act.

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When I'm through with you,you will be growing my seed in your womb. She may be pregnant but he had to be sure. He groaned in pleasure at the feel of her hot elven pussy. Tyrande began swallowing his thick,creamy,yellow spunk in large gulps. Her belly was big with child,the dark purple skin streched with her master's young. I Women with enormous clits a meal Best friends see each other naked you.

It filled her mouth to the point that it was like a thick,yellow,steaming,smelly,sea. Tyrande whisperwind,high priestess of the moon could not believe her eyes. Her hair was slicked with it and her face almost painted in seed.